Linksys Router Port Forwarding

Model: BEFW11S4 v.3
These instructions will cover that model of router, other Linksys models are similar.

Step 1.

For Windows XP/2000:

  1. Click on the Start button, then click on Run
  2. Type: cmd then click Ok
  3. A command prompt will appear. Type: ipconfig then hit the enter key.

You should see something like this:

Remember or write down the numbers after IP Address: and Default Gateway:

Step 2.

Open your web browser and type the Default Gateway: numbers into the address bar. ex.

You should be prompted for a login and password. The default password is admin. Use this unless you have changed it. There is no login.

Now you should be logged into the router's configuration interface. In the upper right hand corner click on Advanced then click on Forwarding.

Now you should see this:

This will forward ports 1024 - 1034 to the IP Address

  1. Under Customized Applications put anything you want, no spaces.
  2. Under Ext.Port enter a range of ports above 1024. ex. 1024-1034 ( I recommend at least 10 ports, if you want more than 5 send slots you will want more ports. )
  3. Check Protocol TCP
  4. Under IP Address enter the IP Address of your computer here. ex.
  5. Check Enable
  6. Click Apply

You're Done!