mIRC setup

First off I guess you'd better go to www.mIRC.com and download the program. Now when you go to install the program it's going to ask your name + email address, just make up a bunch of *lies* to put in there. Don't use your real name or email address because certain people who know how could view that information and there's no reason to give it to them.

I think when you first fire up mIRC it opens the mIRC options window up to begin with. Just in case it doesn't, Press Alt + o and mIRC options window will open. Now under Category you want to click on Connect so it's highlighted. Put the nick name you'd like to be called while in a chat room in the Full Name field. Then under email address lie like I said before. Mine says who@whoknows.com LoL

Now you're going to have to put in our server names. In mIRC options again in the category column click the + sign in front of connect to get a drop down list. You should see 'servers' below connect now. Click on servers so it is highlighted. You should see add, edit and delete buttons now in the window. Click on the add button and in the field next to Description: put in the server name Challenge. That's the name of the server you'll be connecting to. Next to IRC Server: put in these numbers those are the IP address numbers to Challenge. The port should default to 6667 so just leave it there. Now click okay and then you can click the button that says Connect to Server. You'll see what's called the status screen then as it connects you to the Challenge server. After that seems to have run its course ( 30 seconds maybe depending on your speed ) you'll see "End of /MOTD command" when it's finished connecting.

Now you'll need to type the command /join #Monstershow on the bottom line and hit enter to join the chat room.

You should also add the other servers listed below. All servers are linked to one another so any of them will take you to the Monstershow channel.

************ Starfyre Server Group ***********

Challenge.starfyre.org ------>
Fyrestorm.starfyre.org ------>


While in the server connection box you might have noticed there's a group option there also. I put Starfyre in the group option for all 4 of the servers. That way in the server options screen you can click the arrow next to IRC Network: and click Starfyre and you'll have the 4 servers right at your fingertips for faster server switches in case one server should fail.



You need to enable a couple of things first in order to hear sounds. Press Alt + o from the resulting popup window under category click the + in front of sounds.

Now click on sounds so it's highlighted and put a check in the box in front of 'Enable Sounds'.

Then click on requests so it's highlighted and put a check in the box in front of 'Accept Sound Requests'. And while in there also put a check in front of 'Warn if a sound doesn't exist'.



Press Alt + o under category click the + in front of Connect to open it. Then under that click on options to highlight it. Now you should see a perform… button there, click on that. Check the box where it says ‘Enable perform on connect’ Now click in the field below there and type in there /join #monstershow and click okay. You can do this with any room you’d like to automatically connect to. Once you get your nick registered with NickServ you can also add the identify command to performs so the server will recognize you. That command would be /msg nickserv identify password (replace password in that command with the password you gave nickserv when registering your nick.) The command /nickserv help commands will give you lots of information in your status window if you’re interested in learning more.



Those of you using routers need to allow a few ports in your router setup to be able to send files in mIRC. First off let me suggest that you have a software firewall installed like the free Zone/Alarm. ( You must allow mIRC as a server in the Z/A options to be able to send files also. When you fire up mIRC after installing Z/A it’ll ask you if you want to allow mIRC as a server and you need to answer yes.) Opening these ports means you’re putting them outside the protection of your routers hardware firewall so protect yourself.

click "Here" for a page written by our friend skottt. Which shows you how your mIRC and linksys router should be set up.


Instructions written by Road: All complaints about these instructions should be directed towards ember